1) The schedule

It is advisable to practice in the morning on an empty stomach, at sunrise. We fully awakens the body and removes the drowsiness that can sometimes extend late in the day, if not all day.

"If you do not have the time" just getting up an hour earlier, the practice of Do-in replace the lost hour of sleep. Besides the daily practice of Do-in you gradually reduce your need for sleep, if only by eating less. In the morning, you can increase the duration of sleep in the winter of 22 h. à 6 h. At 6 pm. You have all year long duration of sleep varies with the seasons of six to eight hours which is good enough. If you eat once a day, four hours of sleep is sufficient, if you eat three times a day you need nine hours. Fasting daily in the morning will be very beneficial and in the evening you can sleep on an empty stomach, which is very commendable.

The practice of Do-in leads progressively to the rules of healthy living. With purify your body and the awakening of your instinctive sensitivity, you will be surprised that you have questions about your way of life and that, imperceptibly, your life goes in harmony with the Order of the Universe . Make your Do-in every morning, it's your energy toilet.

2) Local

  At home, practice, if possible, always at the same place, Your body (we understand that word again by the whole man: body-mind with all the energy radiation) get used to this place and will be much more willing to receive the benefits of Do-in, nothing that you agenouiller at this location already predispose you to relax and to a spontaneous harmony.

  Traveling: pick a quiet and airy but not be mentally blocked if this is not possible, one can make a very good Do-in in an aircraft in flight or on the train. The practice of Do-in a trip is very important because it helps to adapt to the new environment, the balance cosmic place and our understanding of the new environment and people grows faster and better.

3) Position

The best position is "Seisa" seated at the Japanese, legs folded under her thighs, big toes and heels cross on each side of the buttocks.

Practice Do-in the position


















To find the correct distance between the knees, from the sitting position, wobble slightly forward and backward one to three times slightly raising bent legs, knees fall to the ground with the appropriate gauge.This gauge is indeed unique to each person depending on the day, time, the state of your digestive organs, in particular.

This position Seisa is excellent because it puts pressure meridians and points in the legs and the corresponding bodies.

If you can not keep it, it is a sign that you diagnose too much water in the legs, that your organs are too Yin and you eat too much. This seat leg and pelvis allows the installation of the column perfectly right, with the head in the extension, and superimpose, correctly, the three vital centers of the body: the hara, the heart center, the midbrain, which are connected by the spiritual channel. In this position, which is that of Zazen meditation energy flowing well along the column and is distributed symmetrically on each side. In some cases you can practice breathing down in the hara or rising to the midbrain (Yin and Yang).

To practice Do-in profit and physical therapy, we recommend breathing in hara like Zazen meditation. If this position becomes painful you can sit cross-legged. The Do-in could also be done standing, sitting in a chair or lying down for a sick person. You can also practice on a sick person to revitalize.

4) Order of practice

It is very important to practice Do-in following a certain order. We can not make any comment, from a place of the body to another anarchiquement. A DO-IN misapplied can disrupt you and leave you in a state of nervousness bizarre near-crisis of nerves.

5) intensity Do-in

If you are tired, make a Do-in light passes through the surface of the body, manipulations, pressures and minor strokes.
If you feel the opposite at the opposite too full of energy caused by excess supply, a prolonged stagnation of your life, make a Do-in strong.

6) Preparing for a meeting of Do-in

Practice D-in: Zazen meditation

















Zazen Meditation

Sit-in Seisa, place their hands on the top of your thighs against the belly, palms upward, the left hand in his right hand, thumbs horizontal and butt joints.

- Keep your eyes landed at about 1.70 m. On the ground in front of you.

- Keep the back straight but relaxed.

- Breathe calmly.

- Keep this position a few moments.

Practice Do-in: salutation and breathing














- Starting from the position of Zazen, ask the palms of the hands on the thighs.

- Slide your left hand on the ground in front of his left knee, then your right hand, join hands and extremities inches indexes in touch.

- While slippery hands successively breathe slowly and ask to come off his chest on the thighs, back straight, the neck as an extension of the back, face above the hands.Stay in this position, lungs empty, a little while reassemble inspiring.

This breathing salutary repeated several times gives you a good massage and relaxation inside back on the physical level. It has other effects on the psychological and spiritual, it is the prayer of all religions, humility and gratitude to the Great Nature.

  If you practice the Do-in group this prayer breathing jointly establish the harmony of the group.